The team joined the Professional Football League beginning in the 2002 season, having previously played in Trinidad's ECFU league. The team joined the league with the explicit intention of representing the north-east of Trinidad, previously underrepresented in football circles.

The team was terrible in their first season, finishing last in the league with a dismal record of 4 wins, 2 ties, and 22 losses. They improved dramatically in 2003, however, jumping from last to third, as they went 19–7–10. They improved even further in 2004, surprising everyone by winning the league with a dominant 14–5–2 performance. They finished 5th in 2005.

The club's Jerren Nixon finished the 2004 season as the league's leading scorer with a staggering 31 goals, 17 in front of second place Randolph Jerome's 14.

In 2020, the club moved to Port of Spain and changed its name.